Payment at Ethereum

1. Purchase Ethereum
If you do not have Ethereum to purchase JC tokens, please purchase Ethereum first.
Ethereum can be purchased from MyEtherWallet.
From the web page of MyEtherWallet, select Swap.
Next, visit the Ethereum purchase page with credit card.
The Ethereum purchase page provided by Simplex is displayed.
Enter your MyEtherWallet address in ETH ADDRESS and choose Ethereum purchase price or US dollar payment amount.
Enter necessary information such as name and address.
Please enter your email address and mobile phone number so that there are no mistakes.
When purchasing Ethereum for the first time, confirmation of the mail address and mobile phone number is required.
Please check the e-mail address by accessing the URL described in the body of the sent e-mail.
Please verify your mobile phone number by entering the confirmation number stated on SMS sent to your mobile phone.
After checking your email address and phone number, enter your credit card information.
Finally, uploading the scanned data of the ID card with face photo and entering the information stated in the ID card accurately completes the purchase procedure.
2. Access JC Members page
After purchasing Ethereum, JC members' page will be charged with purchasing JC tokens.
Please enter your email address and password and sign in to the members page.
3. Buy a JC token
Please select the virtual currency to be used for purchasing the token, carefully check the rate with the JC token and enter the payment amount of the virtual currency or the purchase amount of the JC token.
4. Confirmation of remittance destination address
Once you determine the payment amount or purchase amount, you will see an address to remit the currency you selected.
Save this address in a text file etc. and perform the remittance procedure of virtual currency.
A remittance address is newly created each time you buy a JC token.
You can not reuse the remittance address you used once.
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