Payment at Bitcoin

1. Purchase Bitcoin
If you do not have Bitcoin to purchase JC tokens, please purchase Bitcoin first.
Although Bitcoin purchases in various ways, this page explains how to purchase using the virtual currency trading system "Binance".
First, let's create a Binance account.
Access and click "Create an Account".
Complete the input necessary for account creation.
When you press the Registor button, a mail for confirming your e-mail address will be sent automatically.
Please check the contents of sent mail.
After confirming the mail address, the login screen will be displayed.
Please enter your email address and password and login.
When logging in for the first time, notes on safety confirmation are displayed.
Please check the boxes surrounded by the red frame and proceed to the next page.
Once you have successfully logged in, transfer the original virtual currency to your Binance account in order to trade virtual currency in Binance.
As an example, let's assume that you own Ethereum on exchanges, etc. other than Binance.
Click the person icon on the upper right of the screen and click Estimated Value from the submenu.
Look for ETH from the list of virtual currencies displayed on the screen and click Deposit.
The Ethereum remittance destination address of the Binance account is displayed.
Please remit Ethereum to Binance account from Wallet where you have Ethereum.
When Ethereum's remittance is completed, please click Exchange in the top left corner of Binance's top page and click on Basic.
Let's buy Bitcoin.
Click on BTC from the top right of the screen, virtual currency pair will be displayed, so click on ETH / BTC.
Purchase Bitcoin by selling Ethereum from Sell ETH in the center of the screen.
2. Access JC Members page
After purchasing Bitcoin, we will make a JC token purchase procedure on the JC Members page.
Please enter your email address and password and sign in to the members page.
3. Buy a JC token
Please select the virtual currency to be used for purchasing the token, carefully check the rate with the JC token and enter the payment amount of the virtual currency or the purchase amount of the JC token.
4. Confirmation of remittance destination address
Once you determine the payment amount or purchase amount, you will see an address to remit the currency you selected.
Save this address in a text file etc. and perform the remittance procedure of virtual currency.
A remittance address is newly created each time you buy a JC token.
You can not reuse the remittance address you used once.
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