Create MyEtherWallet

1. Access MyEtherWallet's website
First of all, I access MyEtherWallet from the following link.
Please close the first popup by pressing the close button on the upper right.
2. Enter Wallet password
On the screen to create a new wallet, set a password to access Wallet.
Please manage this password strictly.
3. Download Keystore file
After creating the password, download the Keystore file.
This file is a very important file necessary to access your Wallet.
Please manage strictly so that you will not lose this file or give it to someone else.
4. Save Private Key
Please save the Private Key displayed on the screen to a text file etc.
Then press the gray button labeled "Save Your Address".
5. Unlock wallet
Let's access the wallet you created.
Please choose Keystore / JSON File.
6. Choose Keystore file
Press the gray button to upload your Keystore file.
7. Enter password
Enter the password you created for Wallet.
Finally, press the Unlock button.
8. Confirm your address
After pressing the Unlock button, scroll down the screen to see the details of your wallet.
Wallet Unlock is now complete.
Every time you access your Wallet, you must upload the Keystore file and enter the password.
The address of Wallet is necessary for you to receive JC token, so save it in a text file etc.
9. Add custom token
As a preparation to receive the purchasing JC token, you need to add a custom token to your wallet.
After pressing the gray button written as Add Custom Token, fill out the form to be displayed and save it.
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