For those who need funds, those who want to invest,
both sides have low thresholds, and safety and reliability are high.

This is a new funding.

It is the birth of a new platform.

What is Cloud Funding?
The mechanism of fund procurement via the Internet is called cloud funding.
It is classified into various types such as "donation type" and "purchase type" depending on funds and methods of return.

Cloud Funding has been
drawing attention all over the world.

Diffusion power


Block chain

More safe and easy funding will be possible.

Current block chains utilization spindle is "settlement".

Exchange to the last 1 : 1

There are other possibilities of block chain technology!

Publish "real" assets digitally!

If there is "asset", anyone can do it for funding!

Block chains can record all transactions
and can not tamper with them.

"Real" and "digital" merge.

R.D. funding

Real & Digital System Funding

R.D. funding is

"Encryption of the contract" will
generate cash from part of the asset!

Customize the contract encryption independently!
Issuance of shares and unique tokens are unnecessary.
R.D. funding can raise funds from all over the world!

Customizing "Contract Encryption" will
diversify the manner of asset rights.

JC will be the basic axis coin

Basic axis coin

JC can be exchanged for BTC or ETH

Specific point exchange of JC token is scheduled to be available from September 2019.

R.D. funding is

Real & Digital System Funding​
Lawyers and experts check reliability and safety.
With block chain technology, tampering and fraud are almost impossible.
Tradable all over the world through the internet.
Minimal effort such as documents, qualifications and advance preparations.
How to provide your own assets can be customized freely.
Since it can invest from a small amount, it is possible to invest accordingly.

Our Roadmap

Our project started on December 1, 2017 based on the idea of "protecting and cooperating with each other" aiming for asset formation as a shared property and asset stability.
This project already has cooperation from more than 2,000 investors (individuals, corporations, organizations) and from January 18, 2019, this project is delivered to 250 media companies worldwide by business wire intend to do something.
We can spread information for investors related to ICO, and we can expect breakthrough development by utilizing affiliate program etc.
Token sales Overview
  1. The selling rate of JC tokens is based on USD.
    Therefore, the selling price will fluctuate according to exchange rate fluctuations.

  2. JC tokens can be purchased either by Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or ripple (XRP).

  3. JC tokens start selling February 1, 2019, and sales periods exist from the first to the fifth period.

  4. JC tokens can be purchased by individuals or corporations.

  5. JC tokens can be purchased from 1,800 USD or higher.

  6. JC tokens can be purchased under 268, 500 USD. This is the total number of purchases from the first to the fifth period.

  7. JC tokens can be exchanged for points that can be used on specific websites, but the replacement period is scheduled for September 2019 or later.

  8.  JC tokens can not be exchanged with other encryption currencies until July 2020.

Measures to stabilize token value

In order to maintain the value of the JC token stably, the issuer owns 50% of the total number of sales of JC tokens from the 1 st period to the 5 th period.
We will return to JC token holders items of equivalent value to JC tokens owned by issuer.
However, we will deduct remuneration for advertisement, promotion, cooperation parties etc from the amount refunded.
The reduction amount is expected to be at least as worth as 142,000,000 JC tokens.
The interest rate to be reduced depends on the holding time of the JC token holder.

1st period … 10% share
2nd to 3rd period … 5% share
4th to 5th period … 1% share

Token sales schedule

2nd period

Apr. 1, 2019 - End of May

Token price
1 JC = 0.06 USD worth

In August 2020, we plan to announce the cloud-funding application “Raudo”.
“Raudo” aims to secure 10 million users worldwide by 2021, and anyone can easily implement cloud funding from everywhere in the world.
In addition, we can develop our own virtual currency that we needed for ICO with this application, making it easier to raise funds for corporations, individuals, organizations etc.

3rd period

Jun. 1, 2019 - End of Jun.

Token price
1 JC = 0.063 USD worth

What is mallres?

Jam point exchange of JC token is scheduled to be available from September 2019.

News Release

JC Website open !

Contact Us

Ha Huy Goap,P.Thanh Loc,Q.12,HC